Sunday, September 30, 2018

Say goodbye to all your skin problems.

Say goodbye to all your skin problems with these tips. Skin is affected by various types of factors around us. But with these tips we can protect our skin from various skin problems.

 Drinking plenty of water is one of the best way to get a glowing healthy skin. We should consume three to four litres of water daily. We can add small amount of lemon juice to one glass of water. This helps us to boost our immunity.

We should try to exfoliate our skin as it removes all the dead skin cells and provides glowing skin. We should wash our face at night as it removes the dirt from our skin pores. After this we can apply aloe vera gel on our skin as it provides moisture to our skin and improves skin tone.

We can try lemon juice on our skin to remove all the dark spots. Lemon contains anti bacterial and anti fungal properties which removes the skin blemishes and results in healthy natural skin.

Tuesday, September 25, 2018

Want to gain weight?

How to gain weight

Gaining weight for a weak person is very important, he/she must gain weight so that their body can work properly. A weak person also has less blood in his/her body. So if you want to gain your weight then you should east these things.

1. Homemade Protein Smoothies

How to gain weight

Taking homemade protein smoothies  can be a very nutritious and fast way to gain weight.

Making your own smoothies is the best way since commercial versions are often full of sugar and lack nutrients. It also gives you full control over the flavor and nutrient content.

Here are just a few tasty variations you can try. You can combine each with 2 cups (470 ml) of milk or an alternative like almond milk.

Chocolate banana nut shake:

 Combine 1 banana, 1 scoop of chocolate whey protein and 1 tablespoon (15 ml) of peanut or another nut butter.
Vanilla berry shake: Combine 1 cup (237 ml) of fresh or frozen mixed berries, ice, 1 cup (237 ml) of high-protein natural yogurt and 1 scoop of vanilla whey protein.
Chocolate hazelnut shake: Combine 15 ounces (444 ml) of chocolate milk with 1 scoop of chocolate whey protein, 1 tablespoon (15 ml) of hazelnut butter and 1 avocado.

Caramel apple shake: 
How to gain weight

Combine 1 sliced apple, 1 cup (237 ml) of natural yogurt, 1 scoop of caramel- or vanilla-flavored whey protein and 1 tablespoon (15 ml) of sugar-free caramel sauce or flavoring.
Vanilla blueberry shake: Combine 1 cup (237 ml) of fresh or frozen blueberries, 1 scoop of vanilla whey protein, 1 cup (237 ml) of vanilla yogurt and sweetener if needed.

Super green shake:

 Combine 1 cup (237 ml) of spinach, 1 avocado, 1 banana, 1 cup (237 ml) of pineapple and 1 scoop of unflavored or vanilla whey protein.
All of these smoothies provide around 400–600 calories, along with a high amount of protein and other important vitamins and minerals

Banana :
How to gain weight

Banana is good for weight gaining. Bananas are chock full of nutrients, too They're good sources of potassium (for heart health) and vitamin C (a powerful antioxidant.)

Boiled Potato :
How to gain weight

 It is probably the most obvious choice for gaining weight, as most people instantly cut these carbohydrate-heavy vegetables from their diet when they are trying to lose weight. Fortunately, potatoes are rich in fiber and vitamin C, in addition to giving you a bump to your weight. Make sure you keep the skin on for the optimal intake of nutrients.

Boiled Egg :
How to gain weight

 Eating whole eggs floods your body with good cholesterol, moderate amounts of calories, and high levels of vitamin A, D, and E. Additionally, eggs don’t fill you up as much as other food, which means that you can give yourself a weight boost by eating 3-4 whole eggs a day
So these were some foods which can help you to boost weight gain at home

Saturday, September 22, 2018

Amazing benefits of turmeric.

Amazing benefits of turmeric. 

1.It is a liver-tonic:

Laboratory tests and clinical studies have demonstrated the ability of the curcumin in turmeric to prevent and reverse liver cirrhosis and fatty-liver. Liver, being the chemical-hub of the body, is constantly engaged in the processing of chemical substances entering the body.

That includes environmental pollutants, chemical additives in processed foods and drugs taken for other disease conditions. The hepato-protective and detoxifying action of turmeric reduces the impact of injuries to liver tissue by these toxic substances. Increasing the production of bile, it helps remove biliary obstructions too.

2.It is an excellent blood purifier:

turmeric has always been regarded as an excellent detoxifying agent. Our body has to deal with an onslaught of toxins that enter the blood through our food and drink as well as the respiratory tract. They can damage not only the blood vessels but all the other tissues that the contaminated blood reaches.

3.Improved Digestion:

turmeric can be used to help treat a variety of digestive problems, including digestive tract inflammation and reduction of gas and bloating. Just a little daily can help with almost any condition. However, those with gall bladder disease should not take turmeric due to over-stimulation.

4.Heart Health:

Curcumin has also been shown to reduce bad-cholesterol remove plaque buildups in the arteries, and prevent blood clotting.

5.It has anti-cancer properties:

the curcumin in turmeric has been shown to kill cancer-cells and prevent their spread to other areas in laboratory studies. It is found to be effective against cancers of the breast, prostate, skin, colon, and lung. Many cancerous growths go undetected and untreated in the initial stages when it would have been much easier to stop them in their tracks. Drinking turmeric-milk regularly may help prevent malignant growths as well as stop their progress in the early stages.

Friday, September 21, 2018

Amazing benefits of sleeping!

Can you tell what is the most peaceful time for you in the entire day? It's probably the time when you sleep. Previously we didn't care about sleep and it's other aspects. So why I was only talking about sleep today? Did you know the benefits of sleep? If no, you are at the right place. we guarantee that you will be taken aback after knowing the benefits of sleep and how a good night sleep is affecting your body.

1. Healthy heart

There are uncountable benefits of sleep. Sleep gives you a healthy heart. A sound sleep protects your heart and also calms the blood vessels. Want a good heart? The answer is 7 hour sleep.

2. Prevents cancer

We already said there are many benefits of sleep. Melatonin protects you from cancer and is produced during the sleep cycle. That's why the better the sleep, the lower the risk of cancer.

3. Stress

If your body is sleep deprived, you are more likely to be stressed. Therefore sleep is the best medicine when it comes to stress. Among the benefits of sleep, this is a really helpful one.

4. Better memory

We bet that you had no idea about this. Well, sleep also improves your memory. The more you sleep, the better your memory is. Sleep helps in the process of memory consolidation.

5. Burns fat

The easiest exercise to lose weight. The benefits of sleep are really amazing. If you find it hard to go to gym, we have the perfect solution for that. Just sleep.

6. No depression

As sleep reduces stress, there is also a low chance of depression. The benefits of sleep gives you all the more reason to sleep. So, the next time you feel emotionally bloated, you better sleep on it.

7. Skin rejuvinates

A good night's sleep can be beneficial to you in many ways and skin repair is one of the benefits of sleep. We are pretty sure of the fact that you were not aware of the fact that your skin repairs itself when you sleep soundly. Don't you just love sleep now?

We have given you all the more reason to sleep. Call in sick and keep sleeping.

Tuesday, September 18, 2018

Potatoes benefits for skin!

Often peoples think that eating potatoes does increase the fat but there are many qualities in the potato, after knowing that you will definitely want to eat it. Vitamin C, vitamin B complex, iron, calcium, manganese and phosphorus are found in large quantities in the potato. Potato also removes facial scars. 

For skin color:

 Put the potatoes on face and keep it for 30 minutes to keep the face vibrant. By applying potato everyday, the color of the face starts cleansing and if there is any swelling, then it starts decreasing. You can also mix lemons in the potato mixer. The lemon contains vitamins C, which cleans the skin color.

dark spot:

Potatoes are the most beneficial when having dark spots around the face or around the eyes. If there are black spots in the face, rub the slices of potatoes on the face and massage them slowly.

After massage, wash with cold water. Many times it happens that a facial does not shoot our face. In this way, the scars are beginning to fall on the face. Potato is the best remedie for this.

From the sun face deterioration: Not a better solution than potato when sun burns in summer. Cut off the potato slices and put them in the fridge. After that put cold potato on the sun burn area.

The skin will be clean, smooth and soft. Potato is a natural remedy to remove the dark circles of eyes. If you have dark circles under the eyes, take out the potato juice and put it on your eyes.

Beneficial for the skin:

 For those whose skin is dry, potatoes are perfect for them. Make a mask by mixing potatoes in the curd. Put it on face for 20 minutes.

Potato also eliminates the brightness of the face and anti-aging as well as the skin cell of the skin. Keeping the pot on the face for 10 minutes, the skin cells of the skin begin to finish.

Cut the potatoes into the body after rashage, irritation and itching. This will give great relief to irritation

Monday, September 17, 2018

Foods to avoid while dieting!

Foods to avoid while dieting !

Diet and exercise are two important things for weight loss and good health however, you can ruin your fitness routine by eating unhealthy foods.

Here are 4 foods you need to cut from your diet to get results.

2. High-calorie coffee drinks.

These chemicals can boost your metabolism,
If you like coffee, it's best to stick to simple, black coffee when your are losing weight.
Mixing a little cream or milk is fine too, just stay away adding, sugar,high-calorie creams and other unhealthy ingredients.

2. Tropical fruits.

Fruits like mangoes and pineapples truly are delicious, but they contain higher amounts of sugar than other fruits and thus,  contain more calories. You may wanna save them for special events, or switch to fruit like apples, which is much fewer calories and a lot of fibers.

3. Potato products.

A research on weight changes of 1,20,000 men and women up-to 20 years of age at New England journal of medicine claims potatoes are Responsible for weight gain, that the candidates were checked every four years and the result was they had gained 8 kilos on an average in four years of college 

4. Diet soda. 

We easily get fooled by the zero calorie label. A study found that people who drink diet soda gain 3 times abdominal fat as compared to those who do not drink.

Thursday, September 13, 2018

Healthy hair for men.

Nowadays hair fall becomes the very common problem for both men and women.

so, today let's talk about some tips for healthy hair for men.

Tip no.1

Eat a healthy diet with full of vitamins, minerals, protein, calcium, etc. Specially eat lots of green leafy vegetables.

Tip .2

Never wash your hair daily with water, means if you bath daily then don't wash your hairs. For e.g. Wash your hairs in Monday, Wednesday, Friday

The reason behind this that there is a natural oil present in our hair pores. If we wash our hair daily then this natural oil decreases in our hair. As natural oil decreases, our hair starts to fall fastly.

Tip .3

Deal Carefully With Wet Hair
Wet hair is very fragile and breaks easily. When wet, the shaft and roots of your hair are more prone to sustaining damage. Don’t be too harsh when shampooing. Breakage begins there. And also avoid brushing immediately after a shower. If you have to then use a shower cap instead.

Tip .4

Regular Conditioning
Use a moisturizing conditioner after every wash. Never walk out of a shower without it. Missing this step could be the reason why your hair is frizzy.

Tip .5

Protect your hair from direct sunlight and from the heat of hair dryer.

If you have any query related to this then comment down below.

Wednesday, September 12, 2018

Health is wealth

Health is wealth 

Health is wealth

O health! Health!  The blessing of the riches of the poor! Who can buy thee at too dear a rate, since there is enjoying this world without thee?

A healthy mind lives in healthy body. Mind is rather the battery of the physical mechanism of human beings. It decides all the activities of man - good or bad. But it requires a healthy is only then that fortunate smiles at man and fills his coffers with wealth - material or spiritual.

An unhealthy man loses all that he possesses.  He faces a battery of greedy physicians who may be having an eye more on his pocket than on his well being,  An unhealthy man grows desperate-  the mind too grows sick and he is in the jaws of paralytic attack both materially and mentally Death alone may bring solace to him-make him free form frustrations.  A healthy man has a rich orchard of the fruits of hope,  peace,  satisfaction and prominence-the real wealth.

A man who loses health loses his social environment too.  How long would people sympathize with a man who always groans with pain and whose body is a permanent abode of diseases. Even the family of his become allergic to him.  People would like to have the company of those who would mix with them,  associate themselves with their sports,go on picnic with them and be with them if they are attacked.  An unhealthy man can't afford any of these things.  He is limited to his office or business establishment.  He earns money which may be used only in curing his diseases. He can't enjoy anything with it.

As Herbert Spencer said The preservation of health is a duty'  He bewailed that few seem conscious that there is such a thing as physical morality. Unhealthy persons are physically immoral. It is the healthy individuals who maintain the health of the nation.  It is our duty to keep the society healthy.  It is only then that the country would prosper.  Thus the prosperity of our nation also indirectly depends upon the health of the people.  One can hardly differ with the view that it is real wealth as it keeps the mental balance of man.  We find a healthy mind in a healthy body.

Sunday, September 9, 2018

What is genetic engineering ?

What is genetic engineering? 

The basic principles of genetic engineering were developed barely a decade ago, and since then there has been astounding progress which had provided us with a set of tools of quite remarkable power and sophistication. In short, genetic engineering involves inserting new genetic information into an orgasm -usually a bacterium-to endow it with novel capabilities. It does not follow a single fixed set of procedures. The choice of method of depends on which gene is to be transferred and what type of orgasm is to receive the new genetic information. The choice even depends to some extent on the personal preferences of the scientists involved.

The biotechnological applications of genetic engineering consist of the following three main stages: 

obtaining the gene which codes for the product the microbial factory is to manufacture.

inserting the gene into the microbes.

Inducing the microbes to start synthesising the foreign product; and collecting that product.

Like other branches of engineering, genetic engineering takes materials available in nature, uses specialized knowledge and tools to modify them in particular ways, and assembles the pieces to yield the final structure.
Genetic engineering are faced with problems arising from the fact that generally they cannot see the materials they are manipulating. Today's immensely powerful microscopes can provide a lot if detail about the shape and structure of microbes, but provide little information about the parts of the cell that are of central concern to genetic engineers DNA  and protein molecules. Ahuman cell contain thousands of genes, each of which is the blueprint for manufacturing a protein, but even with the finest microscopes it is not possible to distinguish one gene from another. Thus, many of the subtlest tricks of genetic engineers are designed to reveal in other ways just what is going on inside the world of microbes, and what effects their manipulations are laboratory.

Saturday, September 8, 2018


DNA FINGER PRINTSING : The technique of DNA fingerprinting was developed for the first time (1985,86) by Alec Jeffrey and his colleagues at Leicester university in U.K. in this field, establishment of the identity of a person with the help of blood stains, semen (sperm) stains or hair roots will be possible with almost absolute certainty. In this technique, DNA will be isolated from blood stains, semen stains or hair roots and will be subjected to southern blotting. DNA hybridization with the help of specific DNA probes. This will reveal polymorphism In DNA, which has a very stable inheritance. For this purpose, DNA from blood,semen or urine stains may also be amplified using pcr technique.

 It is speculated that the above technique will allow the identification of rapisists in rape cases, and of mother and or father in case of doubtful percentage. This technique will allow identification even which the stains on victims clothes etc.  Are several years old and with much more certainty than has hitherto been possible through technique of blood group etc. Since the number of blood groups available becomes a limitation. The technique of DNA fingerprinting reveals such a great polymorphism that the possibility of two persons having same pattern of DNA fingerprinting is very remote. 

In India, DNA fingerprinting tests are carried out at the center for cell and molecular biology(CCMB), Hyderabad. For this purpose, a test with the bkm probe (banded krait minor satellite DNA) earlier used for identification of sex chromosomes has been found to cost one-tenth of the cost of tests used in Europe and U.S.A. paternity dispute cases are much more common in India and most of them are referred to ccmb for DNA evidence. The first test on DNA fingerprinting was used in June, 1989 to settle a drawn-out paternity case in madras. 

Tuesday, September 4, 2018

What is Gene therapy ?

What is gene therapy ? What are types of gene therapy, aplications of gene therapy. in today's article we are going to find out.

Gene therapy

What is gene therapy ?

There are many disease which can be cured by using specific medicine synthesised biochemically. Nowadays techniques have been developed to produced recombinant therapeutic biochemicals, for example insuline,interferon, somatotropin etc.
After 1975, a remarkable advancement in recombinant DNA technology has occurred and accumulated such knowledge that has made possible to transfer genes for treatment of human diseases.

Successful of gene gene therapy depends on the development of better gene transfer vectors for sustained, long term expression of foreign gene as well as a better understanding of gene physiology of human diseases.

Genes are the ultimate molecular switches that control various cellular process. That abnormal gene expression can manifest in the form of sepecific genetic disorder. Until the last decade, delivering genes into humans to correct diseases has been accepted as scientifically viable and recognised as an independent discipline ad christened 'gene therapy'.

Types of gene therapy ?

All the gene therapies that can be done in humans are classified into the following four types.

(1) somatic gene therapy:
(2) germ-line gene therapy:
(3) enhancement genetic engineering:
(4) eugenic gene engineering:

Applications of gene therapy :

The success of gene therapy depends on gene delivery mechanism as well as on the choice of target tissue.

(1) cell type capable of dividing in vitro (e.g  myeloblasts, hepatocytes, endothelial cells, etc.) are amenable for in vitro and in vivo gene therapy, both the in vivo methods are prefferd for cell types such as neuronal cells.

(2) the function of gene products also govern the selection of tissues, for  example in case of haemophilia a gene can be delivered in any tissue provided the gene product is released into In addition, in case of cystic fibrosis the gene should be delivered to specific cell types where introduction of correct gene is required.

Monday, September 3, 2018

top 5 high calorie foods that cause you to be fat .

Top 5  high calorie foods that are making you fat in this article I am going to show a list of high calorie foods and high calorie foods to avoid and some cheap high calorie foods.

They are touted to be healthy foods, but if you check on their calorie count, they tell you a different story. Here s why you are gaining weight.

Some of the best healthy foods are actually making you gain weight and you are not even realising it. And if truth be told, even healthy foods have the limit because at the end of it, it s all about moderation. While they all have some of the most important vitamins, minerals, acids and flavonoids that you need in your daily life, putting a check will help in long term. So, here s your list of those deceiving foods.

Here are top 5 high calorie foods :

Quinoa: It s a great source of protein, easy to cook and good to eat. Problem? We all believe that it s an alternative to calorie-high rice. Truth? One cup of cooked quinoa has 222 calories, that even more than brown rice (218 Kcal). What you need to do is portion it out in a way that you get the benefits and still eat lesser calories. A portion size of the size of your fist is enough.

Raisins: A perfect snacking option, right? Of course, yes! But this calorie-dense food will take up that count to a significant high in just a handful amount of it. Just a 42g box contains more than 120 calories. You can rather go for 2 cups of grapes as a healthier substitute.

Peanut butter: Now this one s a little difficult to quit! We all know it s muscle-building, fat-cutting and heart-health benefits, but at 100 calories per tablespoon it s not a good idea to have it straight out of the jar even twice a day.

Chia seeds: These seeds are great at providing omega 3 fatty acids, fibre, iron, calcium and you know what else? J70 calories per tablespoon. You might just add 150 Kcal to your daily count by adding it to your smoothie.

Dark chocolate: Yeah, one more to the list! Just because these flavonoid-rich bars provide us antioxidants and protect our heart, it doesn t mean that you binge on it. Depending on the brand, some dark chocolates contain more than 600 calories. And to add to it, you may get constipated.

Saturday, September 1, 2018

Cancer symptoms and signs

Cancer warning: the most common signs and symptoms of cancer - are you at risk?

CANCER symptoms usually include any unexplained changes to the body, such as weight loss or lumps. But, how are you supposed to know if you’re at risk of the deadly disease? These are the most common signs of cancer. Speak to a doctor if you have any of these symptoms.
Cancer is caused by cells in the body growing and reproducing uncontrollably, according to the NHS.

The cancerous cells destroy the surrounding tissue, and may spread to other parts of the body.

More than one in three people will develop cancer at some point in their lifetime.

But, there are more than 200 different types of cancer, and each one has different signs and symptoms.

These are the most common symptoms of cancer, and signs that you should speak to a doctor.

Weight loss

Small weight changes over a long period of time is normal, said charity Cancer Research UK.

But, if you lose a noticeable amount of weight when you haven’t been trying to, you should speak to a doctor.

Persistent bloating

“It’s quite common for women to experience bloating of the abdomen that comes and goes,” said the charity.

“But if you feel bloated, most days, even if it comes and goes, make an appointment to see your doctor.”

Blood in urine

You should always report finding blood in your urine to a doctor.

It’s usually not caused by a cancer, and can be treated quickly and efficiently. But, it may be a sign of some cancers.

Cancer symptoms: Common signs include weight loss and lumps - are you at risk of the disease?

Difficulty swallowing

“Some medical conditions can make it difficult to swallow,” said Cancer Research UK.

“But if you are having difficulty swallowing and the problem doesn’t go away, it should be checked out.”

Appetite loss

Not feeling as hungry as usual could be a warning sign of a cancer, warned the charity.

Speak to a doctor if you’ve noticed that you’ve lost your appetite, and it’s not getting any better,

Croaky voice

“Having a croaky voice or feeling hoarse can be common with colds,” said Cancer Research UK.

“But a croaky voice that hasn’t gone away on its own should be checked out by your doctor.”

Cancer symptoms: Speak to a doctor if you have any of these signs

Cancer symptoms: Disease is caused by cells reproducing uncontrollably


It’s normal to feel out of breath every now and again, especially after exercising.

But, you should speak to a GP if you’re feeling breathless more than normal, or for a longer period of time.

Sores that won’t heal

The charity said: “The skin repairs itself very quickly and any damage usually heals within a week or so.

“When a spot, wart or sore doesn’t heal, even if it’s painless, a doctor needs to check it.”

Unexplained aches or pains

Pain is one of the ways the body tells us that something isn’t right.

Aches and pains are more common as you get older, but unexplained aches may be sign of something more serious.

Want to lose weight?

Want to lose weight ? Consume this wander water every morning on an empty stomach to lose weight.

fenugreek seeds are too good for your overall health. Since ages, it is believed that consuming fenugreek water on an empty stomach is wonderful.

There are 2 ways to have fenugreek water- .
Soak 1 tablespoon of fenugreek seed in a glass of 200 ml of water. Leave it overnight. Have it in the morning.

Boiling water: In a flask of boiling water, add fenugreek seeds. Let it soak for the whole night, drink it first thing in the morning. Swallow the seeds.

There are various health benefits of consuming this water on an empty stomach. Here are 3 of its pronounced benefits:

Consuming fenugreek water in the morning on an empty stomach boosts your metabolism. Fenugreek seeds are said to be hot in nature and hence consuming it will generate heat in the body- which is great to manage weight. Fenugreek is said to suppress your appetite. Many dieticians recommend drinking this magic potion twice in a day to fasten weight loss..
Boosts immunity:.
For people with a weak immunity, this magic water is the key. Drinking fenugreek water emits the needed heat in your body that gives vitality to your body which, in turn boosts immunity. This water will also help in treating flu, cough and cold.

Great for lactating mothers: among lactating mothers. But for lactating mothers, the amount of fenugreek seeds is lesser since it also emits heat. Pregnant ladies are recommended to consume fenugreek seeds.

Tip: If you find it to be too difficult to consume, have a glass of warm water right before consuming this fenugreek water in the morning.

Remember: Fenugreek seeds need to be consumed only in a limited proportion. Make sure that you don't go overboard with it. People with intestinal ulcers shouldn't have this water.

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