Monday, September 3, 2018

top 5 high calorie foods that cause you to be fat .

Top 5  high calorie foods that are making you fat in this article I am going to show a list of high calorie foods and high calorie foods to avoid and some cheap high calorie foods.

They are touted to be healthy foods, but if you check on their calorie count, they tell you a different story. Here s why you are gaining weight.

Some of the best healthy foods are actually making you gain weight and you are not even realising it. And if truth be told, even healthy foods have the limit because at the end of it, it s all about moderation. While they all have some of the most important vitamins, minerals, acids and flavonoids that you need in your daily life, putting a check will help in long term. So, here s your list of those deceiving foods.

Here are top 5 high calorie foods :

Quinoa: It s a great source of protein, easy to cook and good to eat. Problem? We all believe that it s an alternative to calorie-high rice. Truth? One cup of cooked quinoa has 222 calories, that even more than brown rice (218 Kcal). What you need to do is portion it out in a way that you get the benefits and still eat lesser calories. A portion size of the size of your fist is enough.

Raisins: A perfect snacking option, right? Of course, yes! But this calorie-dense food will take up that count to a significant high in just a handful amount of it. Just a 42g box contains more than 120 calories. You can rather go for 2 cups of grapes as a healthier substitute.

Peanut butter: Now this one s a little difficult to quit! We all know it s muscle-building, fat-cutting and heart-health benefits, but at 100 calories per tablespoon it s not a good idea to have it straight out of the jar even twice a day.

Chia seeds: These seeds are great at providing omega 3 fatty acids, fibre, iron, calcium and you know what else? J70 calories per tablespoon. You might just add 150 Kcal to your daily count by adding it to your smoothie.

Dark chocolate: Yeah, one more to the list! Just because these flavonoid-rich bars provide us antioxidants and protect our heart, it doesn t mean that you binge on it. Depending on the brand, some dark chocolates contain more than 600 calories. And to add to it, you may get constipated.