Monday, September 17, 2018

Foods to avoid while dieting!

Foods to avoid while dieting !

Diet and exercise are two important things for weight loss and good health however, you can ruin your fitness routine by eating unhealthy foods.

Here are 4 foods you need to cut from your diet to get results.

2. High-calorie coffee drinks.

These chemicals can boost your metabolism,
If you like coffee, it's best to stick to simple, black coffee when your are losing weight.
Mixing a little cream or milk is fine too, just stay away adding, sugar,high-calorie creams and other unhealthy ingredients.

2. Tropical fruits.

Fruits like mangoes and pineapples truly are delicious, but they contain higher amounts of sugar than other fruits and thus,  contain more calories. You may wanna save them for special events, or switch to fruit like apples, which is much fewer calories and a lot of fibers.

3. Potato products.

A research on weight changes of 1,20,000 men and women up-to 20 years of age at New England journal of medicine claims potatoes are Responsible for weight gain, that the candidates were checked every four years and the result was they had gained 8 kilos on an average in four years of college 

4. Diet soda. 

We easily get fooled by the zero calorie label. A study found that people who drink diet soda gain 3 times abdominal fat as compared to those who do not drink.