Tuesday, September 4, 2018

What is Gene therapy ?

What is gene therapy ? What are types of gene therapy, aplications of gene therapy. in today's article we are going to find out.

Gene therapy

What is gene therapy ?

There are many disease which can be cured by using specific medicine synthesised biochemically. Nowadays techniques have been developed to produced recombinant therapeutic biochemicals, for example insuline,interferon, somatotropin etc.
After 1975, a remarkable advancement in recombinant DNA technology has occurred and accumulated such knowledge that has made possible to transfer genes for treatment of human diseases.

Successful of gene gene therapy depends on the development of better gene transfer vectors for sustained, long term expression of foreign gene as well as a better understanding of gene physiology of human diseases.

Genes are the ultimate molecular switches that control various cellular process. That abnormal gene expression can manifest in the form of sepecific genetic disorder. Until the last decade, delivering genes into humans to correct diseases has been accepted as scientifically viable and recognised as an independent discipline ad christened 'gene therapy'.

Types of gene therapy ?

All the gene therapies that can be done in humans are classified into the following four types.

(1) somatic gene therapy:
(2) germ-line gene therapy:
(3) enhancement genetic engineering:
(4) eugenic gene engineering:

Applications of gene therapy :

The success of gene therapy depends on gene delivery mechanism as well as on the choice of target tissue.

(1) cell type capable of dividing in vitro (e.g  myeloblasts, hepatocytes, endothelial cells, etc.) are amenable for in vitro and in vivo gene therapy, both the in vivo methods are prefferd for cell types such as neuronal cells.

(2) the function of gene products also govern the selection of tissues, for  example in case of haemophilia a gene can be delivered in any tissue provided the gene product is released into blood.stream. In addition, in case of cystic fibrosis the gene should be delivered to specific cell types where introduction of correct gene is required.