Tuesday, September 18, 2018

Potatoes benefits for skin!

Often peoples think that eating potatoes does increase the fat but there are many qualities in the potato, after knowing that you will definitely want to eat it. Vitamin C, vitamin B complex, iron, calcium, manganese and phosphorus are found in large quantities in the potato. Potato also removes facial scars. 

For skin color:

 Put the potatoes on face and keep it for 30 minutes to keep the face vibrant. By applying potato everyday, the color of the face starts cleansing and if there is any swelling, then it starts decreasing. You can also mix lemons in the potato mixer. The lemon contains vitamins C, which cleans the skin color.

dark spot:

Potatoes are the most beneficial when having dark spots around the face or around the eyes. If there are black spots in the face, rub the slices of potatoes on the face and massage them slowly.

After massage, wash with cold water. Many times it happens that a facial does not shoot our face. In this way, the scars are beginning to fall on the face. Potato is the best remedie for this.

From the sun face deterioration: Not a better solution than potato when sun burns in summer. Cut off the potato slices and put them in the fridge. After that put cold potato on the sun burn area.

The skin will be clean, smooth and soft. Potato is a natural remedy to remove the dark circles of eyes. If you have dark circles under the eyes, take out the potato juice and put it on your eyes.

Beneficial for the skin:

 For those whose skin is dry, potatoes are perfect for them. Make a mask by mixing potatoes in the curd. Put it on face for 20 minutes.

Potato also eliminates the brightness of the face and anti-aging as well as the skin cell of the skin. Keeping the pot on the face for 10 minutes, the skin cells of the skin begin to finish.

Cut the potatoes into the body after rashage, irritation and itching. This will give great relief to irritation