Sunday, September 30, 2018

Say goodbye to all your skin problems.

Say goodbye to all your skin problems with these tips. Skin is affected by various types of factors around us. But with these tips we can protect our skin from various skin problems.

 Drinking plenty of water is one of the best way to get a glowing healthy skin. We should consume three to four litres of water daily. We can add small amount of lemon juice to one glass of water. This helps us to boost our immunity.

We should try to exfoliate our skin as it removes all the dead skin cells and provides glowing skin. We should wash our face at night as it removes the dirt from our skin pores. After this we can apply aloe vera gel on our skin as it provides moisture to our skin and improves skin tone.

We can try lemon juice on our skin to remove all the dark spots. Lemon contains anti bacterial and anti fungal properties which removes the skin blemishes and results in healthy natural skin.